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Bulk Annatto Seed Distributor Offering Wholesale Rates

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Uses of the Annatto Seeds

These high-quality annatto seeds provided by the bulk annatto seed distributor is not only used as a food flavor or preservative, but also has other incredible uses, including the following.

1. Annatto seeds are used in cosmetic products because of their antimicrobial properties that are beneficial for your skin.

2. The annatto seeds are used in various pharmaceutical products as well and impart colors to different capsules or medicines.

3. Annatto seeds are also considered a cure for headaches.

4. Annatto seeds are also available in both powdered and pasted forms to be used in various cuisines. 

5. Annatto seeds are an essential ingredient in different Asian dishes.

6. These seeds are even used to marinate meat.

7. Annatto seeds are also used to obtain annatto oil.