Frozen meat


Discover the Top-Most Frozen Fresh Meat Distributor of South Africa

Infinity Conglomerate Import and Export Global Trading Pty Ltd. is a firm of leading meat processors that offers high-quality South Africa fresh meat wholesale. We have the finest quality and variety of beef, mutton, and poultry meat to sell our customers in the international market and that too at very affordable rates. This is the reason that the frozen fresh meat distributor has been successful in gaining the trust of global clientele. We offer pre-portioned and trimmed meat for the convenience of our clients, and the frozen fresh meat exporter also makes sure to provide the trim meat in apt packaging. Infinity Conglomerate Global has maintained consistency in quality and presentation for many years and besides, being the premier wholesale frozen meat supplier, we also make sure to render all our patrons the best services.

Get Your Favorite Meat Pieces in Bulk from the Foremost Frozen Fresh Meat Exporter

We serve your favorite South Africa frozen fresh meat wholesale after cutting it into perfect parts and label the packages that specify everything about the serving size, type of cut, weight, kind, etc. We make a wide variety of different meat packages for our customers after considering various factors, including your family requirements, freezer size, freezer capacity, as well as your budget, which is another reason that adds more to the demand of the frozen fresh meat exporter in the international market. 

Reasons to Shop Here!

Infinity Conglomerate Global is a corporate of highly skilled and professional frozen fresh meat distributor that gives you all the best reasons to take maximum benefit of our services and quality products here.

1. We use clean cutting boards and sharp knives to cut meat with perfection.

2. We instantly freeze the meat and leave no place for microbes to grow. 

3. We remove bones and excess fat from the meat for the easiness of our clients.

4. We chop different parts of meat and make separate packages of the most favourite parts.

5. We employ moisture vapor resistant material for frozen packaging.

Offering Wholesale Rates!

Besides providing you with the best quality of meat we also provide you with the best quality animal feeds here, we also offer you economical rates. All our customers can avail maximum benefit of the best quality meat by shopping from us in bulk because the frozen fresh meat exporter have the most economical rates to offer.